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Diesel Engine CARE


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Official service contracts from the Ford Motor Company offer more coverage, better terms, and additional benefits. No matter which of the genuine plans you choose, you’ll automatically receive extensive nationwide coverage, exceptional service, and the best-in-class vehicle extended warranty.

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Diesel Engine CARE

Diesel Ford Extended Service PlanWe also offer Ford Extended Service Plans for Super Duty Vehicles with Power Stroke® Engines. This type of engine and vehicle is a different animal from the typical passenger car. The engine itself is vastly different than a gasoline engine, but also, Super Duty Vehicles are intended for working. Despite the quality of these vehicles, their hard work makes them prime candidates for extended maintenance plans.

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Diesel Engine CARE* 6.0-, 6.4- and 7.3-liter

Diesel Engine CARE Plus* 6.0-, 6.4- and 7.3-liter

Diesel Engine CARE* and Diesel Engine CARE Plus*

Diesel Engine Care Ford factory warranty