Don't Let Repairs Set You Back - Lincoln Extended Warranty

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The drive home from work is pleasant. Traffic is light and your favorite song just came onto the radio. But then you start to hear a strange noise. Smoke then starts to seep through your hood as the engine lights pop on and car starts to slow. A feeling of hopelessness starts to set in as cars zip passed you. Not only is this situation dangerous but the last thing anybody wants to deal with after a long day of work is a failed transmission. You pull over as safely as possible and call a tow truck simultaneously dreading the impromptu changes in your schedule you are going to have to make in order to keep up with your fast paced lifestyle.  
After serious engine problems of any kind, the last thing anybody wants to think about is, “How will I pay for the repairs?”  

Can I Really Increase My Resale Value by Buying an Extended Ford Warranty?

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The time has come for you to upgrade your vehicle. You know this has been overdue for some time, but it’s always difficult to let your cherished, memory-filled vehicle go. However, you are a bit anxious about reselling, but transferring your Ford extended warranty to the new owner of your vehicle will enhance its value. Is that even possible? Absolutely. 

Love Your Ford? Protect it – Ford ESP Warranty

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We can all agree that seatbelts are incredibly important. They save lives, and not wearing one is one of the most reckless things someone can do when behind the wheel of an automobile. While seat belts provide peace of mind, there is another aspect of driving that most people overlook: vehicle extended warranties.

Modern automobiles are complex machines.  Mechanical and electrical breakdowns could potentially lead to expensive repairs without a proper extended warranty plan. Extended warranties make owning a vehicle much less worrisome and having the extended warranty company pay for unexpected repairs is the best way to drive. Which begs the question; if you wouldn’t drive your vehicle without a seatbelt, why would you drive without an official Ford extended warranty? You love your Ford, so give yourself some more peace of mind by knowing that the cost of future repairs are guaranteed with a Ford extended warranty. 

A Day in the Life of a Ford Premium Care Warranty

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Driving to work one cold, frigid morning Michael’s 2014 Ford Explorer did not seem to be heating up correctly. He did not have time to warm the car up before he got driving—he made pancakes from scratch for the kids that ended up taking a lot longer than he thought. He had his heat blasted all the way up at the highest temperature, but his toes were still frozen solid! He thought it may be time to get his heating system checked out. Michael had a fear in the back of his mind that this was going to be another expensive, time-consuming issue that he just could not afford to deal with.